おもしろい未来をみんなでつくるラボ「iU B Lab」の活動を開始

おもしろい未来をみんなでつくるラボ「iU B Lab」の活動を開始

iU情報経営イノベーション専門職大学(東京都墨田区、学長 中村 伊知哉。以下、iU。は、おもしろい未来をみんなでつくるラボ「iU B Lab」をスタート致します。Beyond, Borderless, Breakthroughの頭文字をとった「B Lab」は、世界中の大学・研究所、地域、人材をつなぎ、多くの人の得意技や知見を融合させ、新しい技術、サービス、コンテンツ、ビジネス、社会を生みだす参加型プラットフォームです。個人も企業も行政も地域もみな繋がり、課題、アイディア、技術、おカネ、スキル、人をマッチングさせ、小さな創造から大きな創造までおもしろい未来をみんなでつくることを目指します。これに伴い、石戸奈々子氏がiU B Lab所長に就任したことをお知らせします。

■iU B Labの概要

ユーザーふくめ全てのつながり新しい社会を構築するようなラボ。ソーシャルで、オープンで、参加型で、様々な知見や多くの人の得意技を融合させて、新しい技術、サービス、コンテンツ、ビジネス、社会を生んでいくプラットフォーム・増殖炉をつくりたい。テクノロジー開発、社会課題解決、新サービス創出などスコープは広いですが、共通項はデジタルテクノロジーで、社会実装で、みんなでつくるということ。ソーシャルで、オープンで、参加型な新しい研究所、B Labを開始します。



100万人研究員計画。おばちゃんも子どももみんな研究員。 Lifelong Seekerになり、第2の研究員名刺を持ちます。

 iU B Lab Website:

■iU B Lab記者発表
2021年7⽉3⽇(土)12︓15 〜12︓45に記者発表会を⾏います。当日の様子をYouTubeにてライブ配信しますので、是⾮この機会にご視聴ください。
YouTube URL: 

■iU B Lab 所長



Commencement of “iU B Lab”, a lab for creating an interesting future with everyone

Professional University of Information and Management for Innovation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo, President: Ichiya Nakamura; hereinafter “iU”; is launching iU B Lab, a lab for creating an interesting future with everyone. B Lab, taking its initial from the terms Beyond, Borderless and Breakthrough, is a participation-based platform that will bring together the skills and expertise of many people, connecting universities, research labs, communities and human resources worldwide to produce new technologies, services, contents, businesses and societies. Individuals, companies, governments, and communities will all be connected, matching issues, ideas, technologies, money, skills, and people to create an interesting future together, from small to large creations. We are also happy to announce that Nanako Ishido has been appointed to lead iU B Lab.

■Overview of iU B Lab
Standing at the threshold of Society 5.0, which is represented by technologies such as AI/IoT, there is a need of institutions that can create new things. The coronavirus pandemic that struck humanity just at such a time made it imperative to create a new world of with Covid-19/after Covid-19. Until now, the national government, universities, and corporate research institutes have dealt with this issue individually. But now there is surely a need for a new approach, something different from highly specialized research institutions based on advanced academism. 
What is needed now is a lab that builds a new type of society connecting everyone, users included. Our desire is to build a platform or breeder reactor that is social, open and participation-based, combining the varied expertise and skills of many people to produce new technologies, services, contents, businesses, and societies. The scope of this project is vast, covering technology development, resolution of societal issues, creation of new services and more, but the common threads are digital technology, social implementation, and collective construction. B Lab is therefore launched as a new type of lab – social, open and participation-based.
●Creation of interesting future
Rather than simply publishing papers, emphasis will be placed on creating an interesting future and implementing it in society. From small creations to large creations, from innovations and inventions in our daily lives to the creation of new businesses, we will co-create an interesting future together. This will also be a place to match issues, ideas, technologies, money, skills, and people.
●Worldwide community of universities and research labs
We will collaborate with 100 research institutes around the world to create a community that transcends organizational boundaries.
●Field covering the whole world
Virtual and real labs will be established worldwide.
●Anyone can be a researcher
We intend to have one million researchers. Anyone can be a researcher, regardless of age or gender. Even elderly women and children can take part. Become a Lifelong Seeker and have your own secondary researcher business card.

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iU B Lab Website

■iU B Lab press conference
A press conference will be held on July 3 (Sat.), 2021 from 12:15 to 12:45. The event will be live-streamed on YouTube, so we hope you will be able to tune in. 
YouTube URL:

■Head of iU B Lab
Nanako Ishido
Professor, Keio University 
President, CANVAS 
Chairperson of the Board, Learning of Tomorrow 

Graduated from the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab. Established and became the president of NPO CANVAS, Digital Ehon and Learning of Tomorrow. Professor at Keio University.
Member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ Information and Communications Council, and many other. Concurrently servers as a member of NHK Central Broadcast Programs Council and is the director of Digital Signage Consortium. Ph.D. in Media and Governance.


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