iU イノプロ×三越伊勢丹 REV WORLDS 「サタデーハッカソン」最優秀チームを選出!

iU(東京都墨田区、学長 中村伊知哉、は、株式会社三越伊勢丹(東京都新宿区、代表取締役社長執行役員 細谷 敏幸、と連携、同社が展開するメタバースサービスである「REV WORLDS」を活用したビジネスプランを企画・提案するハッカソンを開催し、最優秀企画を選出しました。







リーダー 亀田成深のコメント:
「私達のチーム、筋肉不足が発表した『ユニリンク』は、チームメンバーの実体験から生まれました。私やメンバーの祖父母は家が遠いため、なかなか会いにいくことができず、寂しい思いをさせてしまったり、一緒に何かをしたりするという事があまりできませんでした。そこで考えたのが、REV WORLDSを活用したバーチャル空間上での祖父母と孫世代のコミュニケーションです。『ユニリンク』のサービスを活用し、少しでも祖父母と孫の交流を増やす事ができたらいいなという想いで考えたので、評価していただきとても嬉しかったです。今回の優勝という結果に満足することなく、得られた経験と、ご指摘を頂いた所を今後に活かしていきたいと思います」



株式会社三越伊勢丹 営業本部 オンラインストアグループ デジタル事業運営部 仲田朝彦氏

「REV WORLDSは『きっかけを、インストールしよう』をテーマに先端技術やメタバースを活用して、リアル、バーチャル両方の暮らしを豊かにすることを目指すサービスです。今回学生の皆さまが立案した企画はまさにどれもメタバースに閉じることないユニークなアイデアを沢山提案くださいました。何よりも三越伊勢丹の私たち側に寄り添って思考し、三越伊勢丹だからこそできる企画を提案してくださった姿勢に大変感動しました。今回の取り組みが次世代を担う学生の皆様の将来のきっかけにつながることを期待しております」



三越伊勢丹「REV WORLDS」について

「REV WORLDS(レヴ ワールズ)」は、三越伊勢丹が運営する、スマートフォン向けメタバースアプリです。24時間どこからでも、新宿東⼝の街の⼀部エリアや伊勢丹新宿店などが再現された仮想都市にアクセスが可能で、アバターを操作して、コミュニケーションやショッピング、イベント参加などを体験することができます。



Winner of the iU InnoPro x Isetan Mitsukoshi REV WORLDS Saturday Hackathon Chosen!

iU (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President: Ichiya Nakamura; held a hackathon in collaboration with Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Toshiyuki Hosoya; for students to plan and propose business plans utilizing REV WORLDS, the company’s metaverse service, and the team with the best project was chosen as the winner of the hackathon.

Based on the theme of “0% employment rate, 100% entrepreneurship rate”, iU implements a curriculum that allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in business, ICT and global communication, with the goal of having all students start their own businesses, and its entrepreneurship rate is the highest among universities in Japan. In particular, the Innovation Project (hereinafter referred to as InnoPro), a compulsory course that is at the core of learning at iU, is an active learning course in which all students plan and present their entrepreneurial plans.

This Saturday Hackathon was held for third-year students as part of InnoPro, and the team with the best project was chosen as winners. Details of the Saturday Hackathon is also available on the InnoPro website (

Event overview

Approximately 200 third-year students from iU developed business plans that utilize both the metaverse and the real world over two days and presented them to Isetan Mitsukoshi.

●Date and time of the event
May 18, 2024 (Sat), 15:00 to 18:00

●Project title
“Plan a Business That Utilizes the Metaverse!”

Winning team

Team name: Kinnikubusoku (Lack of Muscle)
Members: Narumi Kameda, Kana Yabe, Ren Ikai, Nobuo Onishi, Haruto Takahashi
Project name: Unilink

Comment from Narumi Kameda, leader of the winning team:
“Unilink, presented by our team Kinryokubusoku, was created based on the real-life experiences of our team members. Since our grandparents are living far away, we are unable to visit them often to keep them company or do something together. That is how we came up with the idea of using REV WORLDS to enable communication between grandparents and their grandchildren in a virtual space. We hoped that using the Unilink service would help increase interaction between grandparents and grandchildren even just by a little, so we were very happy to receive such a positive evaluation. We will not be satisfied with winning this hackathon, and will make use of the experience we gained and the advice we received in our future endeavors.”

Photos of the event

Comment from the judge

Mr. Tomohiko Nakada, Digital Business Operation Division, Online Store Group, Sales Headquarters, Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.

“REV WORLDS is a service that aims to enrich both real and virtual lives by utilizing cutting-edge technology and the metaverse based on the theme of “Install the Opportunity”. The projects proposed by the students at this hackathon were all truly unique ideas that were not confined to the metaverse. Above all, we were very impressed by the way students approached the issue from Isetan Mitsukoshi’s perspective, and proposed projects that can only be carried out by Isetan Mitsukoshi. We hope that this initiative will be a catalyst for the future of these students who will be leading the next generation.”

Comment from President Ichiya Nakamura

“I doubt that the students will have the opportunity to receive comments on their project from a company like Isetan Mitsukoshi again even after entering the workforce. iU is working to build a community without barriers between working adults and students. The result of our efforts have been reflected in the fact that we are ranked 1st in student entrepreneurship rate. Both the winning team and non-winning teams were motivated by the experience of interacting with business leaders and were able to give good presentations.”

About Isetan Mitsukoshi REV WORLDS

REV WORLDS is a metaverse app for smartphones operated by Isetan Mitsukoshi. Users can access a virtual city, which reproduces part of the streets of the area around the East Exit of Shinjuku Station and the Isetan Shinjuku Store, 24 hours a day from any location, and can also experience communication, shopping, and participating in events by controlling their avatar.
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About InnoPro

For more information on this project, please visit the InnoPro website (
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